The time it snowed in Charleston...

I’m feeling a little nostalgic today, the forecast predicts snow tonight into tomorrow and I’m giddy with excitement!!

Because I miss snow!

I never realized how much I missed snow until Charleston’s “snow storm” last winter.

Last January (right after the New Year), Charleston, South Carolina (my home for the past 12 years) got a lot of snow…a lot of snow for the beautiful city that rarely sees snow. Snow falls in Charleston maybe every 5-10 years. And this snow was different than a small flurry of snow flakes that within hours melts away from the sun.

We got snow! Lots of snow…all day and all night!

At that moment when the sky was gray and everything around us was covered in a blanket of fresh fluffy powder, I remembered how much I loved and missed snow.

And seeing my four year old son’s eyes light up as he ran outside to play, was icing on the snow sprinkled cake…and in that moment it solidified my hopes of moving back home to Maine!

We were not equipped at all for snowfall, hence my son’s rain boots and blue khaki pants (don’t worry, he did have footie pajamas underneath for an extra layer). His jacket, hat and mittens however were purchased only weeks before for our visit to see grandma over Christmas.

This bulldozer was a Christmas gift and was the perfect snow scooper.

These two (my son and the best neighbor friend we could ask for) had the whole street to themselves, with not a sole in site.

It was pretty magical to witness and capture.

Her tongue out…is there anything more fun than eating snow as a kid?

Photographing in the snow was a first for me and is probably my favorite thus far. It was pure magic and I couldn’t get enough of these two together and the beauty around us.

Everything was so quiet and peaceful around us, just the sound of their laughter and excitement.

Buddy, our neighbor dog, had to see what the big fuss was all about.

Umm, how practical is a scooter in the snow!

Our puppy Myrtle (who isn’t much of a puppy anymore), came out too. She however, unlike my boys, had seen and played in fresh snow as a puppy back home in New England…almost 12 years ago.

Stay tuned for part two…it’s filled with tractor rides through streets lined in snow-covered Palmetto trees (aka palm trees), my youngest son’s first time seeing snow and the neighborhood kids “sledding” on every item you can think of (hint…laundry baskets, pizza boxes and even a baby pool)!

Another rainy fall day...

Yesterday was yet another dreary fall morning. It's been such a cold and rainy fall season.

Very rainy…like every other day kind of rainy.

And windy.

Windy, like the roof of our house feels like it's going to be ripped off, kind of windy. It's the kind of wind that makes these chillier, cloudy, wet days feel even colder...and not so much like the beautiful, fall-in-love with Maine, kind of fall I was dreaming of.

Months before our official move from Charleston, I found myself constantly daydreaming of all the things I missed about fall time in Maine. The crisp cool air, the stunning autumn foliage, the apple picking and hot cider, the hiking trails, and all the cute sweaters I was finally going to be able to wear! I was “a kid in a candy shop” kind of excited, just thinking of all the things we were going to experience this coming fall.

However, I also felt anxiety. Lots of anxiety. Anxious that we only had this one fall season to do and see and experience all the autumn beauty that Maine and New England had to offer.

This fall, unfortunately hasn't exactly been the fall that I remember as a kid and not really the fall that I moved my family from South Carolina back home to Maine to experience and fall in love with.

But that's why I love Maine so much and why I miss having four seasons a year. Each and every year you get four seasons. Four unique seasons filled with their own wonderful and special tastes and smells, Holidays, and changing weather.

Fall of course being my absolute favorite!

And every year you get to start all over with four new seasons!

I feel like having four seasons sort of forces you to live in the moment (or season). It forces you to take full advantage of the warm, sunny summer days or the fresh snow filled winter because before you know it, that season will come to an end and a new, very different season will begin.

A Maine winter might feel a bit longer than all the other seasons though. I’m not sure if my southern-born boys are ready for that!

So because of this and my Maine fall-anxiety, when the summer days started to get a bit cooler and the pumpkin patches started to open their barn doors the first weekend this September, we were there! We were there to experience all of fall before it was gone.

I'm so glad we did, because between the planning and daydreaming and stressing about all I wanted to do once we moved to Maine (and how short the season would feel), I forgot that Mother Nature might have a plan of her own. a Maine Fall season full of many many rainy, overcast days.

She reminded me to just live in the moment. Because this year's fall season, might not be the same fall I had dreamed or hoped for.

So when we have yet another dreary, rainy fall day, we’ll go out and enjoy it. We’ll make new wonderful memories. Memories like this morning, enjoying this incredible place we get to call home for a year. Because the snow is just around the corner...and I'm pretty pumped about that!

Fisherman's Walk Trail


While growing up in Maine, my mom’s side of the family (who all lived in Ohio) would caravan almost yearly to spend Thanksgiving with us. I have some of my most fondest childhood memories during those visits. Those holidays were full of so much food and laughter, site seeing and shopping, and good ole family fun.

It’s probably been close to 20 years since we were all together back in Maine. So when I shared the news that I was moving back for the next year, they started planning a family reunion in Maine.

This past week, my youngest son celebrated his second birthday and my sweet family was here to share it with us! After lots of birthday cake and balloons (per his request), we headed out on our favorite local trail.

The Fisherman’s Walk is a short scenic trail that leads from the Wiggly Bridge and Steedman Woods over to York Harbor Beach and the Cliff Walk Trail (which is our absolute favorite).  The trail leads along the York River with waterside views and it’s a perfect trail for kids, runners or dog walkers.

It was a pretty cold (cold for a someone who has lived in the south and in Jamaica the last 14 years) and windy, so we bundled up and headed out for our family walk.

All the little cousins geared up for the brisk walk to the Wiggly Bridge.  

The view of the York River while on the Fisherman’s Walk.


Unfortunately, the birthday boy was not feeling the walking, so I wasn’t able to snap any photos of the kids crossing the bridge, since he was attached to my hip. However, I was able to get a few of my Aunt leading the kids to the Wiggly Bridge in the distance.

My oldest son loves shaking the bridge. It’s truly a “wiggly” bridge!

There’s two trails once you enter Steedman Woods Nature Reserve, right off the foot bridge. Both trails are short and easy to walk, even for a just turned two year old. The paths make a circle around the woods, most of which have beautiful views of the water.

We’re always straggling behind, in search of sticks for each hand!

My mom (Meh-Maw as my youngest calls her) leading my boys through the woods.

We’re also always looking for “treasures” when we’re out exploring.

Once you reach the end of the trail, you can either continue on circling the woods back to the bridge or head further down through a neighborhood to the John Hancock Wharf and Warehouse. We decided on the latter.

The Hancock Wharf was built in the 1740’s and I’ve read that it’s the only remaining building in York from the Colonial Period.

Across from the Hancock Warehouse, is the wharf filled with buoys. It’s a fun and colorful spot to photograph, especially for kids. I can’t wait to see it once we get snow!!

The kids jumped around to warm up, then we headed back through the woods to the trail home.

As always, it’s sad to say goodbye to my mom and family. I loved having our house filled with guests and playmates for my boys. This past Monday, everyone headed back to their homes. I’m already missing the noise from the kids playing, the adult conversations, the day trips and lunches with my mom, and just catching up with family. Even though it was a short visit, I’m so thankful we were able to make new memories with our own little ones.


One year ago today, I officially launched my little business and this website.

So today, I’m celebrating my first official year of Tiffany Mizzell Photography!!

I vividly remember my overwhelming excitement and terror sharing my new venture on social media that night of October 24th 2017 (at 6:43 PM to be exact), for everyone to see and judge. I had put it off for months, scared to put myself out there and fear of failing. But I’m SO thankful that I did, because look where it’s taken me! I started this business, during a difficult time in my life, but through my photography I found so much joy. This path has forced me to step outside my comfort zone and to take risk that I’d normally wouldn’t take. And the best part is all the incredible families and businesses who have invited me into their lives to capture such beautiful memories and milestones.

How lucky am I? I get to do something I love and share it with all of you!

Celebrating my first year with my boy, the reason I picked up camera and took this career leap!

Cheers to another year…

Perkins Cove

This quaint little cove is my favorite town and it’s located in Ogunquit (just a short drive up the Maine coast from York). This small community is so picturesque with its drawbridge, sail and lobster boats, gift shops, art galleries and restaurants. It’s like you’re on a movie set, it’s that cute!

Scenic view of the harbor in Perkins Cove.

Once you cross the Perkins’ drawbridge, there’s a wonderful open grassy area that looks out over the cove. My boys had a blast running around and exploring.

Watching the drawbridge go up.

If you’re looking to grab lunch while shopping, head to the Lobster Shack. This small rustic seafood eatery is just right over the drawbridge in Perkins Cove. The Lobster Shack is a local mainstay for lobster, steamers, and chowder.

And while you’re walking around, you’ll want to check out all the little shops. I love being able to buy local, especially things that will always remind of home and our time here. Here’s some of my favorite finds…


The Knotty Sailor (I love a good nautical pun!) is the perfect gift shop for all those Maine souvenirs. This shop has it all…t-shirts, magnets, trinkets, buoys and MORE.

I was on the hunt for some small things to personalize my boy’s rooms (since we’re living in a Winter rental) and boy did I score big in The Knotty Sailor!! I found this AMAZING red and white vintage flag to hang over my son’s bed as well as this painted wooden buoy- I just love everything red and blue! I also found this sweet little wooden sailboat, for my youngest’s dresser and this Maine state shaped cookie-cutter by Ann Clark Ltd., will go perfectly with my lobster and moose cookie-cutters.

Junebug’s Beach House, specializes in unique, handcrafted goods made in the USA. It has the most amazing items for both your home and your pets! Again, I scored big on finding perfect things for my boy’s rooms. I’m completely obsessed with my reclaimed lobster rope garland by STERN LINES, made here locally. I’m lucky enough to also own one of their lobster rope doormats, go check them out! Lastly, my new red and blue striped buoy pillow by MAINE MADE might be my new favorite accessory for my son’s big boy bed!

There’s lots more to see and do here…off to the Marginal Way we go!

First adventure in the books...

We arrived safely in Maine on August 1st and I was giddy with excitement to head out and explore the area…unpacking just had to wait another day! As a kid, whenever family or friends were visiting us in the Southern Maine area, we always brought them to this special spot. Nubble Lighthouse is located in York, Maine and is a must-see in the area. I was told as a child, it’s the most photographed lighthouse in the world!!! I’m not sure if that’s true, but thirty-some years later, it’s still one of my most favorite places to see and of course photograph.

It was pretty foggy when we arrived, so we could hardly view Nubble. This small rowboat is anchored to the rocks, which was perfect (and safe), for my boys to explore and for me to capture (double bonus).

I might be biased, but isn’t he SO handsome!

If you’re planning to view Nubble Lighthouse, then you need to eat lunch at Fox’s Lobster House. You can’t beat the view from the picnic tables, which is just a quick walk from the lighthouse’s parking-lot. The New England Clam Chowder is always my go to, you can never go wrong with chowder and a lobster roll…right? After lunch, head to Dunne’s Ice Cream (it was formally Browns Ice Cream when I was growing-up), for some tasty homemade ice cream.

Mizzells Move to Maine

Welcome to my new blog!! I’m Tiffany (lifestyle portrait photographer) and my family and I just recently moved from Charleston, South Carolina to York, Maine for the next 10 and a half months. I’m new to the whole blogging world and to be honest I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing (which is VERY scary), but I love capturing images that tells a story…and what better story to tell then my OWN! My hope is by documenting and sharing our own adventures, we’ll inspire other families to take the leap and follow a dream of theirs.

So why move your family over 1000 miles from beautiful Charleston to Southern Maine for just 10 months, you might ask? Well, It’s always been a dream of mine to once again live back home in Maine. I grew up in the small town of Eliot, ME and attended college at University of New Hampshire (GO BLUE!), which was just a couple towns away from my home town. I came to Charleston in 2006 after returning home from the Peace Corps (more on that later!), excited to live in a new place for a couple of years. And 12 years later…here I still am!!

Every fall in Charleston, when I’m dripping in sweat while at the local pumpkin patch or sitting in the stadium at a college football game, my heart aches for the cooler, crisp sweater-wearing weather of home. Maine was the most magical place to grow-up and a place I want my boys to love as well. So this past fall, after another season of Maine calling (really SCREAMING) my name, I thought…why not try to move back to New England for a year. And that’s where this crazy idea became…MIZZELLS MOVE TO MAINE!!

These are my two boys…my world.

I hope you’ll take this ride with us, as I give you a glimpse of all our adventures here, as well as how we made this all possible.