Maine Family Adventure: Another rainy fall day...

Yesterday was yet another dreary fall morning. It's been such a cold and rainy fall season.

Very rainy…like every other day kind of rainy.

And windy.

Windy, like the roof of our house feels like it's going to be ripped off, kind of windy. It's the kind of wind that makes these chillier, cloudy, wet days feel even colder...and not so much like the beautiful, fall-in-love with Maine, kind of fall I was dreaming of.

Months before our official move from Charleston, I found myself constantly daydreaming of all the things I missed about fall time in Maine. The crisp cool air, the stunning autumn foliage, the apple picking and hot cider, the hiking trails, and all the cute sweaters I was finally going to be able to wear! I was “a kid in a candy shop” kind of excited, just thinking of all the things we were going to experience this coming fall.

However, I also felt anxiety. Lots of anxiety. Anxious that we only had this one fall season to do and see and experience all the autumn beauty that Maine and New England had to offer.

This fall, unfortunately hasn't exactly been the fall that I remember as a kid and not really the fall that I moved my family from South Carolina back home to Maine to experience and fall in love with.

But that's why I love Maine so much and why I miss having four seasons a year. Each and every year you get four seasons. Four unique seasons filled with their own wonderful and special tastes and smells, Holidays, and changing weather.

Fall of course being my absolute favorite!

And every year you get to start all over with four new seasons!

I feel like having four seasons sort of forces you to live in the moment (or season). It forces you to take full advantage of the warm, sunny summer days or the fresh snow filled winter because before you know it, that season will come to an end and a new, very different season will begin.

A Maine winter might feel a bit longer than all the other seasons though. I’m not sure if my southern-born boys are ready for that!

So because of this and my Maine fall-anxiety, when the summer days started to get a bit cooler and the pumpkin patches started to open their barn doors the first weekend this September, we were there! We were there to experience all of fall before it was gone.

I'm so glad we did, because between the planning and daydreaming and stressing about all I wanted to do once we moved to Maine (and how short the season would feel), I forgot that Mother Nature might have a plan of her own. a Maine Fall season full of many many rainy, overcast days.

She reminded me to just live in the moment. Because this year's fall season, might not be the same fall I had dreamed or hoped for.

So when we have yet another dreary, rainy fall day, we’ll go out and enjoy it. We’ll make new wonderful memories. Memories like this morning, enjoying this incredible place we get to call home for a year. Because the snow is just around the corner...and I'm pretty pumped about that!

Maine Family Adventure: Fisherman's Walk Trail


While growing up in Maine, my mom’s side of the family (who all lived in Ohio) would caravan almost yearly to spend Thanksgiving with us. I have some of my most fondest childhood memories during those visits. Those holidays were full of so much food and laughter, site seeing and shopping, and good ole family fun.

It’s probably been close to 20 years since we were all together back in Maine. So when I shared the news that I was moving back for the next year, they started planning a family reunion in Maine.

This past week, my youngest son celebrated his second birthday and my sweet family was here to share it with us! After lots of birthday cake and balloons (per his request), we headed out on our favorite local trail.

The Fisherman’s Walk is a short scenic trail that leads from the Wiggly Bridge and Steedman Woods over to York Harbor Beach and the Cliff Walk Trail (which is our absolute favorite).  The trail leads along the York River with waterside views and it’s a perfect trail for kids, runners or dog walkers.

It was a pretty cold (cold for a someone who has lived in the south and in Jamaica the last 14 years) and windy, so we bundled up and headed out for our family walk.

All the little cousins geared up for the brisk walk to the Wiggly Bridge.  

The view of the York River while on the Fisherman’s Walk.


Unfortunately, the birthday boy was not feeling the walking, so I wasn’t able to snap any photos of the kids crossing the bridge, since he was attached to my hip. However, I was able to get a few of my Aunt leading the kids to the Wiggly Bridge in the distance.

My oldest son loves shaking the bridge. It’s truly a “wiggly” bridge!

There’s two trails once you enter Steedman Woods Nature Reserve, right off the foot bridge. Both trails are short and easy to walk, even for a just turned two year old. The paths make a circle around the woods, most of which have beautiful views of the water.

We’re always straggling behind, in search of sticks for each hand!

My mom (Meh-Maw as my youngest calls her) leading my boys through the woods.

We’re also always looking for “treasures” when we’re out exploring.

Once you reach the end of the trail, you can either continue on circling the woods back to the bridge or head further down through a neighborhood to the John Hancock Wharf and Warehouse. We decided on the latter.

The Hancock Wharf was built in the 1740’s and I’ve read that it’s the only remaining building in York from the Colonial Period.

Across from the Hancock Warehouse, is the wharf filled with buoys. It’s a fun and colorful spot to photograph, especially for kids. I can’t wait to see it once we get snow!!

The kids jumped around to warm up, then we headed back through the woods to the trail home.

As always, it’s sad to say goodbye to my mom and family. I loved having our house filled with guests and playmates for my boys. This past Monday, everyone headed back to their homes. I’m already missing the noise from the kids playing, the adult conversations, the day trips and lunches with my mom, and just catching up with family. Even though it was a short visit, I’m so thankful we were able to make new memories with our own little ones.